Zapote - exotic fruit from the Peruvian jungle

The zapote is a fruit that grows in the jungle in Peru as well as in other countries. The photos of zapote here are all from the Peruvian jungle.

The zapote tree can grow to approximately 10 metres in height. Its leaves are 20 to 30 cm long.

The zapote fruit is green on the outside and orange inside when it is ripe.

zapote fruit cut in half without stones

Ripe zapote fruit without its seeds. The fruit measures around 10 cm. and is almost as wide as it is long.


zapote tree in flower
Zapote tree in flower.

zapote flower
Zapote flowers

zapote flower close up
Zapote in flower. Note how the flowers come from the branch.

fruit developing on branch
Small developing zapotes

zapote fruits developing
Zapote fruits

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Zapote tree
Zapote tree

complete zapote fruit
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